Effective July 26, 2022

Terms and Conditions

In this write-up presented below, “us” and “we” refers to AYS System and “you” indicates the site visitor or the consumer.

When you visit our website, you choose to accept the following stipulations.

As a user, when you visit the official website of AYS System, you are completely bound to follow the terms and conditions associated with the use of our products and services. Whether you choose to register with us, browse and use any section of our website or place some order with us, you must follow the terms and conditions presented here.

These Terms and Conditions can be changed at any point of time without any kind of prior notice. It is the sole responsibility of users to keep themselves updated with any changes.

Usage of Website

Illegal activities such as hacking, trying to breach password protection and exploring unauthorized components of the website are strictly prohibited.

Under any circumstances, you should not try to bypass the authentication measures we use on our website or breach the security elements. You should not also exploit the information available on our website or take unfair advantage of the underlying infrastructure of our website.

Never make any derogatory, negative or defamatory comments or statements about the content presented on our website. Also do not put large loads or DDoS attacks on our website or carry out any kind of similar activity which may adversely affect the normal running of our website.

You must not use any kind of malicious device, tool or software to interrupt, disturb or interfere with the regular, normal working of our website. Never use any kind of content which is prohibited by Terms of Use. Make sure that you refrain from performing any kind of illegal actions on our website. Do not tamper with anyone’s personal data or information on this website.

Free Trial

Here at AYS System, we always believe in providing our customers with high quality and superior personalized customer experiences which can in turn help you to shop confidently. To achieve this goal, we provide you with our privileged free trials without any kind of obligations so that you can enjoy the experience of using our products and decide for yourself whether our products are ideal for your lifestyle before fully committing to it.

Here are the main terms and conditions that are applicable for you if you want to go ahead with the trial:

No setup or installation charges are required for this demo.

It is important to note that the free trials that we have to offer are subjected to the accessibility of such requested products. Therefore, simply signing up for free trial simply does not ensure prompt availability of the trial kits. As you sign up for our free trials, you receive a confirmation message which only confirms the request for trial that you put in with us. Any other confirmation that we provide you can only come to you after we have confirmed availability of kits. We will then fix an appointment and get them delivered and installed in your home.

We never entertain any kind of special requests; in case the products are “in-circulation” or “out-of-stock”.

Keep in mind that the free trials that we have to offer are only for the “demo purposes”. They should not be used through any kind of unauthorized channels or means. If you do not return this trial kit to us once your trial period is over, we can file a legal claim against you for any unbilled amount as well as seek further legal jurisdiction.

Any failure or negligence from your end for returning the kits in due time for any kind of unsolicited reasons, will lead us to effectively deduct the applicable charges on pro-rata basis.

If there are any kind of unsolicited events such as theft, external tampering, hacking, natural calamities, voltage fluctuations, identity theft, short-circuit, overheating, architecture issues, etc. for which you fail to return the kit and its devices in time as is expected from us, AYS System will not be held responsible for such collateral damages that have incurred.

In order to present you with optimum flexibility, we at AYS System provide you with the opportunity to extend your trial period by paying an additional 75% of the whole package cost upfront as well as the rest of the amount within a period of 5 working days once the free demo is over. You won’t be charged extra amounts for availing the services for another 5 days. As we get your payment, we are going to provide you with the invoices and the product warranty cards along with other important supporting documents.

Our free trial offer is currently only available with some selected cities. We are going to add more cities soon.

Online Shopping

All the orders that are placed through our placed through our AYS System online shopping website would be processed based on the current availability of specific products. If any product is not available, we will provide the customer the opportunity to get full refund or buy some other product that is similar to the original one.

As you place your order with our website, we will send you an email to acknowledge that we have received your order. The email is meant to keep you posted that our transaction wherein you have chosen to buy some services and goods from us is going to be initiated after we have got your payment. Even though we always try to present you with the perfect estimate, the exact date of shipping and/or installation may vary in some cases depending on the availability of products, transit times, pending orders and various other external factors.

At AYS System, we always focus on presenting you with a perfect customer experience. However, there can be times where the orders get declined or not get placed properly due to some technical and infrastructure issues such as poor Internet connectivity, downtime of the server or external IP attacks. In such cases, AYS System won’t be responsible for the inconvenience caused.

Keep in mind that the promotional offers and discount codes that are available for online shopping can only be used for a specific limited period of time. If such offers are somehow misused, then we can cease the offer at any point of time based on what we think as the right course of action.

Product Usage

The misuse of products offered by us at AYS System or any kind of other suspicious activities and tampering with our products can eventually lead to complete termination of all support and services in the future.

If you have opted for a self-installation, it is going to be your responsibility to have complete understanding and knowledge about the installation of these products that are presented by us. If any of the products get damaged due to mishandling or your irresponsibility, then such damages are not going to be covered by us.

AYS System cannot be held responsible for any existing issues such as voltage fluctuation problems or wiring complications at your end. Situations such as these that can cause damage of products are not going to be covered under warranty by us and you as customer needs to manage such costs. We at AYS System also do not bear responsibility if there are any damages caused by mishandling of devices, fire and theft or natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. Only the customer or the applicable insurance company can be held responsible for such damages.

We also do not hold any kind of liability for all products and systems if they are mishandled or misused. Usage of the products rests completely on personal habits and we cannot take any responsibility for disproportionate, harmful or illegal usage.

The product specifications at AYS System can be changed without any kind of prior notice. For this reason, the users are recommended to go through the various details carefully before purchasing or ordering.

Pricing, Cancellations and Refunds

We at AYS System have the right to alter the product prices at any point of time without any prior notice. Our team is always going to try and make sure that details associated with the pricing of the products are maintained accurately. However, if there are any errors, we have the final rights when it comes to product pricing.

Once the order is confirmed, the amount paid will be non-refundable irrespective of the faults. We are responsible for fixing the issue. We'll try to troubleshoot the problem and come up with several reasonable fixes.

If still the issue continues, we would change the devices on investigating the problem source.

In case there needs a second fix, we provide the warranty only on our devices and not on the cabling task.

Please keep in mind that if you choose to place an order with us at AYS System and we are not able to meet your requirements due to certain issues like unavailability of products, then you can choose between having a full refund of your money or go ahead and place an order for some similar product.

Lifetime Support

We at AYS System always focus on offering you the finest support so that you are always happy with what we have to offer you.

However, you as customers are entitled to receive our completely privileged lifetime support if and only if you choose to buy products from our online store. We do not offer lifetime support solutions for home automation systems if you or the customer chooses to install nonstandard products or opt for manual integration without having adequate knowledge.

The users will receive a full year of comprehensive technical support along with support offered through email and telephonic conversations. If there are no such AMC or annual maintenance contract, the on-site technical support solutions are chargeable based on the requirement or necessity. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that resolutions through channels such as email, telephone and social media interactions are still going to remain non-chargeable.

If you are unable to follow or adhere to any clauses that are mentioned in Terms and Conditions section, we at AYS System have the complete right cancel or withhold your contract and terminate all ongoing services. When you choose to transact with us through offline and online channels, you naturally and automatically choose to accept the clauses mentioned in our Terms and Conditions section. Any negligence in going through the aforementioned terms and conditions cannot be utilized for supporting any unsolicited requests and claims or any legal disputes.

A person having access to or is accessing any important data or information from our website completely acknowledges and agrees to the fact that all the proprietary rights, both statutory and otherwise as well as the information that is received by such a person remains exclusive property of us at AYS System. This is so unless it otherwise stated or agreed by AYS System. Any kind of reproduction, transmission, distribution or modification of the material and information presented in this website is prohibited. Committing such acts would thereby constitute a breach of laws.


  • Your Debit Card ATM PIN number and/or online password
  • Your credit card CVV number or net banking OTP
  • We also do not share your personal details with others without your full prior consent.

We at AYS System always ensure the highest standards of excellence when it comes to keeping all customer data safe and secured. If somehow you feel like your account and its details are under threat or you suspect any kind of illegal activity which can lead to threat of your personal information and net-banking details and/or debit or credit card details, we recommend you that you let us know immediately about the same. Under no circumstances AYS System and its employees ask its customers for disclosing their personal information, such as:

If anyone calls you and pretends he/she is from AYS System and asks you randomly to carry out some kind of payment, you should let us know immediately.

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