Effective July 26, 2022

Privacy Policy

Gathering, Using and Sharing of Information

Here at AYS System, we value the fact that you have chosen us for your home automation needs and therefore we are completely dedicated to provide you with highest standards of products and services. Through your association with us, we aim to gather your personal details and information which we can use to improve your experience with us. We want to assure you that the details and information that you provide us with are not going to be sold or shared to any 3rd party individual or company outside our organization. All customer information gathered by us will be used in contacting you or other customers back for the purpose of managing queries that are requested by you or others. When it comes to the shipping of certain products, we will use the details you provide us with to deliver you the goods that you chose to buy from us. We will share your information to with our shipping partners and channels so that they can handle the deliveries. We may also use your email for contacting you in the future and informing you about the new products and special offers launched by us. We may also do the same when we change anything in our company’s privacy policy.


We will protect your sensitive information online as well as offline in case you choose to buy anything from our website. The information that you provide us with will be encrypted and sent to us in a completely secure manner. We will use your private and sensitive information simply to carry out certain specific tasks such as customer service and billing. Along with this, you will be asked to provide you with your information when you are looking to view some sections of our business website. Usually these include information such as your name, address, email and some other details. Such information will be used by us later to contact you regarding the products and services available on our business website.

Cookies and Links

Our website uses cookies from your Laptop or PC. The cookie functions as a piece of data or information that remains stored and saved within your web browser. Such information makes it possible for us to identify you the next time you choose to enter our website. The purpose of the cookie is to provide you with superior customer experience. These cookies can guide you to the products that you love and are based on the products that you have browsed most often in the past. However, you can be sure of the fact that we are not going to store your personal information in the form of cookies.

Our website can use the solutions offered by outside payment processing and shipping companies for the billing and shipping of products that the users have purchased. These outside companies are not going to retain any of your personally identifiable information once the transactions are over. They are only going to collect vital information like your name and address as well as other details which are necessary for delivering your products and items to you.

Our website may also include links to certain other business websites. We are not going to be responsible for privacy policies of the other websites. Hence we advice you and all users to be fully aware of their privacy policies as well as terms related to information use as presented on the other websites.


We will keep on updating our privacy policy every now and then according to our company requirements and in keeping with best practices. Therefore if you have got any questions relating to our privacy policy, we recommend you that you keep visiting this page before you choose to share any personal information with us. You may also choose to contact us if you have any queries that you think are not resolved.

If you still have got any grievances or complaints, you may want to get in touch with Our Grievance officer whose details we have shared with you on our website. The grievance officer will be happy to redress your grievances within reasonable terms and time as things are allowed according to applicable laws.

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