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At AYS systems, we offers the best door access control system for offices and homes and make you are surrounding a better place to live. Why tolerate unauthorized access, when you leverage the best access control system in the UK? If you are concerned about a vile entry into your home or office, our wireless access system/video door access control system is the answer to your fear. Never miss a visitor; you’ll be notified every time anyone visits your home or office.

Have you ever feared who’s at the door and should you open it to know? In cases where kids are alone at home when the parents are at work, they tend to open the door out of curiosity without bothering who it could be! Our smart door access system lets you know who is knocking and whether you should be opening it up or not. With the wireless door access system, you could access it through your smartphone from any corner of your house. Not only this, you can even check from the wireless access control system when you are away. Isn’t this an impeccable solution that lets you ensure your loved ones are safe and secured?

Theft Prevention Through Presence Control

We provides a comprehensive and structured way to reduce commercial theft and danger while improving safety and human resources.

Direct Parcel Deliverer Via Smartphone

Major types of smartphone door access control systems are IP systems, control panel systems, and mobile access credentials.

Push Notification

Push notification authentication validates login attempts by sending access requests to an associated mobile device.

Multiple Connectors

Save time, reduce user errors, and eliminate dual user entry through our access control integration solution.

Infrared Night-Vision

Infrared Cameras are the best known for being able to produce accurate video footage using night vision Technology.

Visitor History Recording

Pre-recording of visits by persons authorised to receive visitors.

Adaptable Access Control Systems for Homes and Offices

Our prominent door access system provides immense security to the area it covers. With intuitive features and the latest technology functionalities, our wireless access control systems grants access to genuine ones and this will be decided by the owner. The video camera at the door pictures the person standing outside. There is also an in-built audio system to interact with the person who pressed the doorbell. You can visualize them; hear them before deciding whether to grant them access or deny them.

Quick Installation, Easy Usage

Our team of door access system installers holds years of experience in accomplishing the installation tasks rigorously on time. The wireless video door access system installed has been connected to the home network and can easily be accessed through your smartphone, no matter how far you are. Multiple smartphones can access the door access system at the same time. You do not need to go and check who’s at the door every time someone arrives as your smartphones let you know automatically when the bell rings.

Modern and Efficient

Providing best-in-class door access system features is what we strive for. Studded with the latest hardware functionalities, our office access control system is the perfect solution for tech supporters. Our brilliant access control system will not let the restricted person get in no matter whatever the situation would be. The high-resolution camera used in the video doorbell system could notify you about the visitor and thus, you could decide whether to allow him/her or not.


The wide eye hemispheric lens and infrared night vision camera could offer a clear view of who is outside even if there is complete darkness. As the doorbell rings, it notifies all the connectors about who has arrived. Even the visitor history is recorded and could be gone through later. Our wireless access control system is robust and can withstand climatic changes. Thus, irrespective of the harshness of the weather, our door access control system will still be actively working.

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Some FAQ

Access control systems can be used anywhere there is a need to regulate access into or around premises, or even specific areas of a premises. Specific areas of a premises can be controlled, limiting who can enter certain parts of the building at given times.

Security is paramount for everyone, so we can all benefit from an access control system—from large corporations to small business owners and everyone in between. The following three industries commonly adopt access control technologies: Financial institutions Banks are constantly under threat, and they need to manage security without employing physical security. An IoT access control system, for example, can lock doors and offices remotely without the need for physical intervention. Multi-site businesses Businesses with multiple sites have particular challenges when it comes to security. Traditional locks are not secure, and legacy access control systems present logistical challenges as each site requires its own individual server. A high level of support is also be required to make sure employees visiting multiple sites have the access they need. However, the new cloud-based systems allow businesses the flexibility to scale up and provide security at multiple locations without each site needing an individual server. Remote access allows a single interface located anywhere globally to give and restrict access and permissions for all employees. This removes the administrative responsibility from the company’s own IT department. Education providers Providing security for students and teaching staff must be every institution’s top priority. Parents and students want to be sure that only people who have legitimate access to the facilities are onsite. Access control systems allow institutions to set parameters for specific individuals, including delivery drivers. Time restrictions can also be set for contractors who can only be on-site during particular hours. Healthcare services The logistics behind hospitals are complex. For example, many restricted access areas constantly change depending on the time of day. Shift patterns also pose challenges; individuals need access to places only when they are officially working. Moreover, healthcare facilities need to ensure that people with the correct permissions can access drugs, equipment, and sensitive records whilst allowing the free movement of people around public access areas.

Yes, as systems have battery backup plans for emergencies to keep the access control system functioning. If the power is out for longer than the battery backup can accommodate, this is a situation in which you would need to utilize physical keys.

Access control systems begin with a consultation with us at Surveillance Secure. Hardware will be needed for physical access systems, including card or fob readers, door switches, and a control panel. The control panel is integral to the system and controls all the different access points of the building. Access control systems are versatile and can grow with your business, so if you need a bigger system, simply integrate a new control panel. The server of the system will have all the users in a database, which allows for customization of access times and locations. When the card is introduced to the reader, a frequency is read by the controller, and the user is verified through the database. If verified, the door will unlock. If not, the controller registers the breach and the proper monitors will be notified.

Biometric access control is a developing technology that relies on human characteristics like fingerprint scanning and facial recognition to work alongside or replace, traditional means of access. The advantages of biometrics are pushing the technology forward rapidly. For example, with cards, codes, or PINs you can never be completely certain of who has access to the card or who uses the code to gain entry. With biometrics you can be certain that only the intended user is given access, resulting in reduced loss and increased accountability. You can find out more about biometric access control here.

Managing employee and visitor access rights at single or multiple locations can become a complex task with many moving parts. But with safety and security on the line, you can’t afford to have a weak link or any gaps in your system. But how can you ensure that you meet your security targets while also achieving the flexibility to deal with new locations, new requirements, and new technology? AYS System Offers best Access Control system installation Services in the UK

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