Welcome to the next level of Smart Access Control in the Hospitality industry. The hospitality industry is just not confined to hotels, tourism, restaurants, and bars; but it’s an Experience, which remains on the “best memorable moments” page in people’s life. Managing a hotel, controlling its staff, protecting assets, and also providing a satisfactory service to its customers is no easy task for an owner. 

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s the need of the hour to offer a better user experience through contactless and wireless methods to ensure the good health and safety of the customers and staff. The adverse effect of the pandemic has hit all market segments and the hospitality industry is no exception to this. Now is the time to take a step forward and install a smart access control system to protect and develop hospitality businesses whether small or big. 


The access control system can be used by major national brands the smaller independent start-ups. This empowers the owner or the manager to decide who can access their space, when, and how; and also monitor the physical movement of people and material with control over multiple locations at a time. 


Mobile keys taking over door locks!

It is rightly said that if you have a smartphone, you have the world in your hand!!

Yes, a Mobile key is an answer for many check-in hassles including customers waiting at the reception to make an entry and getting hold of the room keys, waiting till their data is being entered into the hotel system and ID verification, booking confusions, and so on. With the fear of pandemics increasing in people, everyone looks forward to wireless, contactless solutions wherever they go. Mobile key sweeps all these problems and provides the guest with a contactless, time-saving, and convenient way to directly access the designated room at the hotel using Bluetooth on their smartphone. This avoids the guest from touching any surface at the front desk and as well prevents them from talking to staff for assistance. With this circumstance, a Cloud-based access control system not only aids to connect all the door locks through the Internet, but also allows the guests to experience seamless and speedy check-in and check-out procedures. 

From the management perspective, smart access systems and mobile keys allow the owner or manager to have all-time data access on who accessed which door at what time across all locations. This in turn helps to avoid any possibility of theft or crime and misuse of hotel rooms. It is also the responsibility of the hotel management to assure the guests that their belongings in the room are safe & secure when they are not in; by having track of who is entering the room for housekeeping and cleaning. 

Apart from mobile-based access, hotel staff can also be given access cards and usage of the same can be tracked by the management. Additionally, hotels can use their app and get the access control system enabled in their existing app. With this, the guests are given a simple code that permits them to check in, check out, or request additional access whenever required; maybe to the gym, spa, parking area, lounge, and so on. 


Why AYS System

AYS System offers best-in-class smart access control solutions to the emerging and established chain of hotels enabling strong, effective, and remote Cloud-based monitoring and security system. AYS System practices easy and hassle-free installation procedure with no damage to the infrastructure and maintains the aesthetics of the property. Hoteliers can have their discretion on providing customized access to the common areas based on the package booked by the guests and as well have a track of all the movement in the building. 

Emerging out of the present pandemic crisis, AYS System's contactless and wireless solutions helps to achieve customer safety and satisfaction, in turn, building business credibility and profitability in the hospitality industry. 


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