Over the past decade, IoT and smart home technology have become increasingly integrated into our everyday lives. The idea of, for example, controlling your in-floor heating with voice commands may have once seemed a distant dream. But thanks to the increasing affordability of such technologies, it is now a possibility and a reality for many. 

Keep reading through this article to discover how IoT and smart home technology can make your life more convenient, more efficient, and more enjoyable.



What is the connection between IoT and smart home technology?

In its most literal sense, the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to everything that is connected to the Internet. However, the term is more frequently used to define communication between smart devices without the need for human interaction, almost like a conversation between smart devices. For example, a digital assistant - like Amazon Alexa or Google Home - can act as a central voice-activated hub to control your lighting, sound system, thermostat, TV, and more. 

You can add a smart home controller to monitor and integrate all the devices, more often directly from an app downloaded on your phone. You will then live in a smart home where a voice-controlled system of integrated technologies works together to provide you with a more streamlined experience at home. 


What are some applications of IoT and smart home technology?

Considered by some to be the most important development of the 21st century, there’s no doubt that IoT is going to be impactful. What’s less clear is when and how. Here below we’ve listed a few examples of how IoT has - or may potentially - change our lives:


● Smart Homes

IoT has been shaped by the constant flow of innovation of smart technologies, transforming ordinary households into smart homes. These technologies have transformed the lives of homeowners in a variety of ways. Smart digital assistants have been combined with other smart appliances and integrated smart controllers to streamline the lives of homeowners worldwide. 


● Smart Security

Home security methods have become more advanced thanks to IoT technology. You can now access CCTV camera footage and manage your home security system from anywhere via your smartphone. Motion sensors placed throughout your home can also notify you of any suspicious activity and send alerts straight to your phone. And that’s not all. Doorbells and locks are smarter, too. Doorbells are now integrated with cameras, so you can see who is ringing your doorbell before answering the door. Smart locks have eliminated the need for keys so that you can control your lock from your phone. Guests can get in only when they receive your permission, without the need for you to be physically there to welcome them. 


● Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats allow homeowners to save on energy costs by controlling their home’s heating or cooling from a mobile device. You can check your thermostat remotely while you’re at the grocery store or turn up the heat before leaving work to go back home. With a smart thermostat, you can also selectively control different areas of your home and customize the temperature of each room. Scheduling features let you create custom thermostat schedules, so you don’t need to worry about making manual temperature adjustments. With more control over the temperature changes, you can make your home become more efficient and save further costs. 


● Smart Appliances

Home appliances are becoming increasingly smarter. On the market, you can now find washing machines, dryers, and even refrigerators that can be controlled via voice assistants. The same goes for automated hoovers and other smart appliances. 


● Smart Entertainment

Smart home technology has ensured a seamless entertainment experience. You can now control via voice commands your surround sound speakers, TVs, home lighting, and more. With a smart speaker connected to your smart home ecosystem, you can listen to music from anywhere in your home without the need for any other device or remote control. 


What are the benefits for you?

A smart home helps you to save energy and, as a result, money as well. But the benefits go beyond that. A smart home integrates a series of devices and appliances together as part of a unified home automation system to manage the different functionality of a household. 

Smart home technology and IoT converge in households and grant homeowners a more seamless and convenient experience, even remotely. The benefits space from higher efficiency to an increase in the degree of personalization. In other words, you will feel your home understands you and is truly yours. 

The streamlined capability of controlling multiple aspects of your home saves a vast amount of time and offers you increased peace of mind. For the many people who simply don't have enough hours in the day to complete monotonous domestic tasks, this is a godsend. Furthermore, the integration of these smart technologies and IoT, in general, has benefited those with disabilities greatly. People suffering from visual impairments, for example, can now employ alternative methods of operating their homes via voice-activated systems.


How can AYS System Automation help?

AYS System is the ultimate in-home automation solution with two forms wires and wireless. 

AYS System intelligent control system is a distributed system that uses its communication protocol and can be connected to conventional electrical equipment. Our intelligent control system allows you to control and manage the equipment in the building through wall panels, smartphones, tablets, or computers. At the same time, the sensor and logic functions can be combined to make the intelligent control system automatically run related tasks. 

AYS System offers customized automation solutions designed for smart homes, smart buildings, and smart hotels. Our automation solutions have been applied to tens of projects, including Harrow, Kent, Wembley, and more. 

We believe in the potential of IoT technology and in the importance of innovation. Contact our local AYS System to see how we can help automate your home or any other buildings. 


The constant advancement of smart home technologies and their improving affordability means that IoT will continue to shape our lives for years to come. As the adoption of smart home technology increases and further innovations occur, more people will experience the associated benefits. If you’re looking to save time, save energy, or increase the convenience of your daily life, smart home technology is a great avenue to try.

Contact us today to get started in your home automation journey!


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