Access control technology provides great methods to secure your property, whether it’s a commercial or residential property. Over the past decade, developments in access control have been slow. Though the recent increase in customer demands for better experiences to control access, along with the COVID-19 pandemic, have caused a large shift in developments of access control systems.

These new developments have helped improve access control systems in multiple ways. These enhancements have included protection against more vulnerabilities, taking advantage of new technologies, and greater user convenience. These benefits help streamline access control use while also further protecting premises.

Keep reading to discover 4 detailed reasons to upgrade your access control technology in 2022.


Mobile Access Control

More users are preferring to use their mobile device, a smartphone or tablet, for access control authentication and management.

A benefit to using mobile devices for access control is that key card systems may not be required then. Key cards are one of the most commonly forgotten items in a workplace. Mobile credentials also offer incredibly secure encryption options.

Mobile devices are also used as part of multi-factor authentication, where a user must provide multiple methods of approved authentication to obtain access.


Automatic Detection of Suspicious Activity

Modern access control systems feature improved automatic detection of suspicious activity. These systems can quickly alert appropriate staff members by phone or other methods, such as security guards if an anomaly is detected. An example of this would be if another staff member scans their access card outside of their normal working hours. This automatic detection and notification free up security staff to focus on patrolling and other important tasks. They can then be notified immediately upon the detection of suspicious activity via their mobile device and respond appropriately.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication requires a minimum of two methods of authentication to provide access. Multi-factor authentication has improved security over single-factor authentication, requiring a user to provide two approved methods of authentication. Most commonly, mobile credentials are used as an additional method of authentication, which can be in the form of an authenticator app or a one-time SMS code.


Legacy Systems Can Be Less Secure and Become Expensive to Maintain Overtime

Old access control systems may also require specific skills and technology to keep running effectively. If you’re using an old and rare access control system, it may become difficult to find a specialist to assist with the upkeep and repairs. The specialist may also charge a considerable amount for this older system has become difficult and time-consuming to work with.

Upgrading access control technology in 2022 can create numerous benefits for your business and home. The benefits of being able to utilize and authenticate modern and secure access control systems with your smartphone and automatically detect suspicious activity can help streamline and improve your overall security.

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